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Merhabalar arkadaşlar, öncelikle hepinize iyi günler dilerim.
Elimde 2 tane txt dosyası bulunmakta. Bu txt dosyalarından bir tanesi 1- 2-3-7… gibi sorular var diğer txtde ise 4-5-6… numaraları sorular mevcut. Ben bu soruları txtden çekip sıralamak istiyorum. Sizce bunu nasıl yapabilirim?
1.txt dosyasındaki sorular örnek olarak şöyle gidiyor:

1. Twenty-five hundred years ago, ancient Greek
philosophers turned their highly sophisticated
questions of the natural world.
A) inquiries B) fallacies
C) incentives D) complaints
E) precautions
2. The mission control experts cannot tell if the space
j unk is going to hit the space station or not, but they
are sure that a —- would knock a hole in the body
and cause all air inside it to quickly escape into
A) succession B) collision
C) conversion D) fluctuation
E) deviation
3. While newspapers have been in dramatic decline in
much of the developed West, the industry is —- and
still grow ing in many of Asia’s booming cities.
A) fragile B) profitable
C) confidential D) peculiar
E) notorious
7-16: For these questions, choose the best
word(s) or expression(s) to fill the space(s).
7. So far, only two types of mental exertion —- to
improve overall cognitive ability: one is musical
training, the other is learning a new language or
practising a second one you —-.
A) were shown / will have already learned
B) had been shown / have already been learning
C) have been shown / have already learned
D) will be shown / already learned
E) are shown / had already learned

2.txt dosyasındaki sorular ise şöyle gidiyor:

4. As the DNA of two unrelated people only differs by
about one in every 1,000 base pairs, humans show
A) remarkably B) elaborately
C) ambiguously D) sufficiently
E) promptly
5. Biologists have created a molecule that —- the
connections between brain cells, called neurons,
acting exactly like the steel bars in reinforced
A) penetrates B) overcomes
C) implements D) fortifies
E) receives
6. Internet users are increasingly —- cyberchondria, a
mental condition in w hich easy access to
information on medical issues causes increased
feelings of anxiety over health.
A) making up for B) cutting down on
C) getting away with D) looking around for
E) coming down with
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9. Wall paintings previously —- in three Spanish caves
have now been dated to 65,000 years ago – some
20,000 years before Homo sapiens is thought —- in
A) to have been discovered / to arrive
B) being discovered / having arrived
C) discovered / to have arrived
D) having been discovered / to be arriving
E) to be discovered / arriving

Ben bu iki txt dosyasını birleştirip soruları da sıraya sokmak istiyorum. Bunu nasıl yapabilirim?
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